May 15, 2010
Columbia County Land Owners Coalition moving toward lease signing

The Columbia County Land Owners Coalition has been in talks and negotiations with a very large Oil & Gas Company. The lease negotiations have been completed and the lease has been approved by the company. We are currently holding meetings in preparation for lease signing for the following areas in Columbia County: Benton Township, Benton Borough, Sugarloaf, Jackson Township and Northern Pine Township. We are currently under a confidentially agreement which prevents us from releasing any details about the company or leasing details.

February 27, 2010
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September 25, 2009
Columbia County Land Owners Coalition in talks with Chesapeake Energy

Area land owners walking into the Benton High School last night for a gas leasing meeting with the Columbia County Land Owners Coalition passed a white car sitting in the parking lot with "Chesapeake Energy" emblazoned on the door panels. Group leader Bruce Anderson introduced the company to Coalition members. The Columbia County Land Owners Coalition is now in direct talks with Chesapeake Energy regarding leasing land in the county for exploration and drilling for natural gas. The membership was given a very informative presentation by the company representative. Chesapeake Energy is the nation's largest gas producer. The Columbia County Land Owners Coalition, with a combined total of about 80,000 acres in Columbia County, Luzerne County, Sullivan County, and Lycoming County, hopes to complete a deal with the company before the end of the year. Currently, Chesapeake Energy has made lease offers to another large landowners' group in Wyoming County in the range of $5,750.00 per acre with a 20% royalty.

September 17, 2009
Columbia County Landowners Coalition

It appears gas leasing and prices are accelerating across northeastern Pennsylvania. There are many rumors out in the community. Once again landsmen are in our respective areas offering standard basic leases that may not be in the landowner's best interest. Staying with a group increases both the monetary amount and better lease terms than the standard basic lease. The lease is the most integral part of leasing that affords the landowner the protection of property and rights that a landowner will have to live with for many years to come.

Recently two groups have commenced negotiations with gas companies offering substantially higher lease values than previously seen across Pennsylvania.

  1. The Friendsville Group: the group's acreage is in Susquehanna and Bradford counties in Pennsylvania, as well as its land in Broome County. They have an offer of $5500.00/acre and 20% royalty.
  2. The Wyoming County landowners group has an offer of $5750.00/acre and 20% royalty.

This is the beginning of the higher lease values; there are reports of lease values in the $6000.00 to $7000.00 range.

Do not be blinded by the money amounts, no amount of money can buy the peace of mind if your land and health are not protected.

We continue to look for the best lease and money values we can obtain for our group.