The Columbia County Land Owners Coalition was formed to help landowners in their respective communities to obtain the best value and lease options for a comprehensive lease.

The leaders are all volunteers and are dedicated to teaching the public and its members the foundation of knowledge for Gas and Oil Leasing. One requires a basic and advanced knowledge before making the right choice in signing a properly reviewed lease.

We are a unique group in that the leaders are not paid and do not have any ties to any oil or gas companies. We put our community and all surrounding communities first and are working diligently to bring the best of the best options for our members to vote upon.

We also believe we can best help our neighbors by listing the current average lease rate for Columbia County, which currently is approximately $5000.00 per acre or sometimes expressed in a lump sum amount. The lump sum amount can be calculated by dividing the lump sum amount by the number of acres (example $30,000.00 / 20 acres = $1500.00 per acre, $1500.00 is lower than the average $5000 per acre which may not be the best deal) so do not be fooled by this gimmick!

Hopefully, the public will realize that being offered anything lower than the current average rate may not be a great deal.

The three main parts of a lease (when anyone anticipates signing a lease) is the primary term with up front money ($5000.00 per acre), the amount of the royalty fee (20% and higher) and last, the addendums to protect the individual land owner, are all integral parts of the lease. All leases should be reviewed by a lawyer before you sign an Oil & Gas lease.

To learn more about Oil & Gas leasing, attend our meetings to help build the foundation for the right decision.

Currently we have greater than 35,000 acres in our group and growing rapidly.